The Style of Scarcity

Tracking Trends in Style & Type Across the World’s Most Prestigious Brands
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Hi, I’m Wyatt. I’m a digital designer and web developer specializing in luxury design and branding. I come from the real estate world, where I’ve spent the better part of a decade developing visual identities and designing marketing collateral for agents and brokerages competing in high-end markets.

This website started as an Airtable spreadsheet I created for my freelance work. Many of my clients were trying to reach affluent consumers at the upper end of their markets, and they needed to look the part.

To make sure I knew what the “part” looked like, I created a catalogue of the world’s most prestigious brands, hand-picked over hundreds of hours of research. If there was a visual “style” that defines scarcity, it had to be found here.

What I found wasn’t so much a “style” as an entire visual language, constructed over centuries out of typefaces and elements and patterns with deep regional histories.

Like any language, this one is diverse. The visual patterns shared among the tailors of Savile Row — firmly rooted in the long craftsman tradition of the United Kingdom — differ wildly from those common to the fashion houses of Paris, or the sports car brands of Italy.

This website is an attempt to catalogue this language, along with its subsets, and to capture its evolution over time. My hope is that designers, marketers, and brand specialists will find it a valuable resource in their own work.

If you’ve found this site useful, if you have thoughts on how I can improve it, or if you're interested in working together, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy exploring.